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F-Gas Regulations

If you use air conditioning heat pumps or refrigeration please be aware that:

The European Union's F-gas Regulation recently became law. This imposes obligations on "operators" of this equipment that you should know about. More details on ACRIB website.

F-gases include HFCs, which are in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The Regulation aims to minimise emissions of these gases, which affect global warming if they escape into the atmosphere.

"Operators” are defined as the people or organisations that have actual power over the technical functioning of the equipment.



Some user obligations include:

  • Preventing / repairing leaks as soon as possible
  • Arranging proper refrigerant recovery
  • Carrying out leak checks & Ensuring that only certified competent personnel carry out leakage checks
  • Maintaining records of refrigerants and of servicing

Climate Comfort can audit all your air conditioning systems, perform leak tests, confirm if your systems use currently acceptable refrigerants, whether refrigerant needs to be changed, whether systems require annual leak checks, and confirm your new legal obligations.


We hold F gas certification: Company no. REF1002893




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