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Heat Pumps

The majority of air conditioning systems now sold are inverter heat pumps, providing both heating and cooling from the same system.


We have installed heat pump air conditioning in a wide variety of locations including surgeries, print shops, cafés, restaurants, bars, retail outlets, boat workshops, factories, breweries, server rooms, salons.


A Heat Pump is an air conditioning system in reverse, they are an efficient, reliable and cost effective sorce of heating.





Set for cooling the indoor unit absorbs heat from the room and transfers it to the outdoor unit where it is then released.






Set as a heat pump the outdoor unit absorbs heat from the external air (down to as low as a –25° ambient) and the indoor unit discharges warm air into the room.


Heat pumps have a special valve, which enables the external and internal units to swap functions, so instead of the inside unit only providing cold air, it can also provide warm air for the winter. Heating your home by this method is extremely efficient and costs considerably less to run than conventional electric heating. You also have the additional benefit of cooling for the summer months.


With the current designs of heat pumps you can expect more than four kW of heat for every one kW of energy consumed. That means the running cost for your four kW of heat will be the equivalent of a one kW electric radiant heater.

This is why so many new commercial buildings are now incorporating heat pumps for their main heating.

There are a number of wall mounted systems that will now achieve more than five kW of heat for one kW of energy consumed. These systems are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.





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